Table of Contents

Getting Started

In this guide, we’re going to show you how to quickly startup your new Delivery Platform with HospitalityNerds.

We’ve designed our Client Dashboard to include quick navigation links to all the important features of your platform for easy access. To set everything up, please make sure you visit each of the features areas and customize your settings. 

We’ve included helpful info on each step- plus if you have any questions, we’re here to help!

Step One: Account Setup

When you access your dashboard, the first tab is ACCOUNT SETUP. There are 6 primary options in this tab: Admin Email & Site Details, Account Management, Accounts & Privacy Settings, and Manage Store Settings.

Admin Email & Site Details

Before we begin, you’ll want to update the Admin Email associated with your new site. This admin email is where all Customer Orders, and important notifications will be sent to.

Once you update your admin email, you will receive a confirmation email with an approval link. Once you approve the change, the admin email for your Delivery Platform will be updated.

You may also update the name of your Delivery Platform, select the proper timezone, and more.

Account Management

In this area, you can update your user profile, email address, billing/shipping address, and password.

Store Branding Settings

Customize your store’s logo, background image, menu colors, top bar text, footer text, and more.


Manage Store Settings

Setup your Restaurant/Store’s address, store preferences, and currency options. 

If a customer selects the Pickup option during checkout, this address is what they will see.

By Default, we’ve enabled custom Tax Rates and Calculations. This will allow you to customize Tax rates, and assign certain Tax rates/classes to your various products. 

Step Two: Financial Settings

Your Delivery Platform with HospitalityNerds is set up with a very robust set of features to help you Process Payments, define Tax Preferences, and set up custom Coupons and Promotions.

Integrate Merchant API’s

Most delivery services take out large commissions and service fees (up to 30% of your order total) because they handle all the payment processing. 

With HospitalityNerds, all payments are directly processed by your merchant account. Customers pay you directly which saves you tons of processing fees!

In order to process payments you’ll want to integrate your existing Merchant Payment Processor with you Delivery Platform. We currently support a wide range of payment options including: Cash on Delivery, Stripe, PayPal, and Square. 

Simply select which payment methods you’d like to make available to your customers, and fill out the required information.

Tax Options

Depending on your preferences, you can enter product pricing inclusive of tax, or exclusive of tax. 

If you enter product prices inclusive of tax, then you don’t have to worry about setting up any tax rates since you’ll be calculating this on your own.

If you enter prices exclusive of tax, you can set up your standard tax rates, define additional tax classes (such as alcohol vs food service taxes). You can then assign a tax class on each product’s edit page. When a user is checking out, this tax is automatically applied, calculated, and itemized on all receipts. 

You’ll also be able to view collected sales tax, and generate reports for easy accounting.

Coupons & Promotions

Want to offer a promotion? No problem. 

Easily create coupons and discount codes for your customers with a few clicks. Customize redemption limits, expiry dates, product-specific discounts, and more.

Tips/Gratuity & Donations

With HospitalityNerds, you make 100% of all delivery fees + tips. When enabled, guests can add gratuity during checkout.

We’ve included an easy way for you to customize some basic settings for your Tips/Gratuity fields on the checkout page.


Step Three: Setup Delivery Settings

Alright- now that you’ve knocked out Steps 1 & 2, it’s all downhill from here!

We’ve integrated Google Maps, Distance, and Places API’s to help you easily define your delivery zones, delivery hours, and pickup hours. Orders can only be successfully submitted if they 1) are within your defined delivery zone, and 2) are placed during your defined open times.

Delivery Hours

Easily set up your restaurant’s Delivery Hours and up to three open shifts per day (perfect for restaurants that close mid-day). Orders can only be placed when you’re open.

Pickup Hours

There might be instances when your Delivery Hours will be different than your available Pickup Hours. Perhaps, there are days when you do not wish to offer Delivery options, but only Pickup options.

Either way, we’ve got you covered! You can customize your Pickup Hours independently of Delivery Hours. 

When a customer is checking out, they have the option of selecting whether or not the order is for delivery or pickup.

Define Delivery Area

Define your delivery zones via Maximum Distance, Zip Codes, or draw your zones with a few clicks (Design Area).

If a customer tries to place a delivery order to an address that falls outside your delivery area, they’ll see a message that let’s them know that delivery is not available in their area.

Step Four: Order Handling Settings

Customize your Delivery Platform’s Order Handling processes- from Checkout to Real-Time Order Approval.  

Checkout Options

Tweak your Checkout Options such as available delivery times, Doorbell notes, and enable/disable Pickup as an option.

Real-Time Order Approval

There are two primary options for Order Approval:

1) Automatic Approval– orders placed within your Delivery Zone and Open Hours are automatically approved.

2) Real-Time Approval (Preferred)- as orders come in, you can approve/decline them and provide a custom ETA per order. This is all done right from your Order Tracker area. 

The customer will see a message on his screen stating that the we are confirming the order with the restaurant. The moment you click Approve, the customer sees the new ETA plus their receipt + confirmation of their order.

Pro-tip: Once you are logged into your Dashboard, Click on Order Tracker and bookmark this page either on your tablet or computer for quick, easy access in the future.

3rd Party Integrations

We support a wide range of 3rd party reservation and gift card systems such as Tock, OpenTable, Toast, Yelp, and more. 

If you’d like to add a link to your Delivery Platform’s navigation menu, please start a chat with one of our reps and we’ll help you accomplish this.

Final Step: Menu Setup

Almost there!

Now that you’ve completed Steps 1-4, all you need to do is to set up your menu.

In this tab, there are three main options: Add/Edit Menu Items, Add-On’s & Modifiers, and Inventory Management.

Add/Edit Menu Items

To start adding your own menu items, go to Dashboard > Manage Products > All. We included a few examples to help you get started.

When adding or editing a menu item there are a few important fields: product category, product type, attributes, and extra options.

Product Category is how you choose where the menu item is displayed (ie Appetizer). 

Product Type lets you define if there’s one price for an item, or a price that changes (ie size). Most menus will only use two Product Types: Simple Products and Variable Products.

Most menu items will be Simple Products with one set price. If you want to create more than one price per item, you will need to create a Variable Product.

To create a variable item, select Variable Product then go to Attributes. Create the variable (ie small, medium, large).
Then go to Variations and set a price for each menu item. Enable Extras at the bottom of the individual menu item details.

Extra Options will allow you to enable/disable any of the Add-On’s and Modifiers we’ll create in the next step. To enable Extra Options for a variable product, go to Variations > Expand the Product Details > Extra Options (towards the bottom of the Product Details).

Towards the bottom of the page, there is also the option to add Process Time (in minutes) to a menu item. This would automatically add the number of minutes you set to the order time estimate– helpful if one item takes a long time to cook!

Add-Ons & Modifiers

To edit Add-On’s and Modifiers go to Hospitality Nerds > Options Manager.

Here you can create a New Options Category (ie toppings or salad dressings).

Each Options Category allows you to name the category, select type, style (how it displays) and limits (this only applies if category type is set to “limited choice”).

Once you’ve created your category, you can add items to it and set any additional cost. Don’t worry about the order you add these items- the drag n drop editor allows you to re-order these items as desired.

Inventory Management

When editing your products, you’ll be able to optionally define the quantity in stock. 

As customers begin to purchase your menu items, they’ll be notified if a dish or item they are adding to their cart is out of stock. You’ll also get an email depending on your Inventory Notification settings.

Extra Features & Goodies

Now that you’ve completed all of the main setup steps for your Delivery Platform, we’ve included some Extra Features & Goodies that you should know about 🙂

Customer List & Stats

As customers begin spending money with you, a useful stat is Lifetime Sales and Average Volume/Ticket order. This is all viewable straight from the Reports tab in your Client Dashboard.

Order & Sales Reporting

Powered by WooCommerce, your online store has amazing reporting features right from your Dashboard > Reports. From here, you can generate visually beautiful accounting reports, view useful stats, and become your accountant’s new best friend.

Google Analytics

View detailed visitor stats such as location, how people are finding you online, return vs new visitors, and more!

Before getting started, you have to get your access code from Google by clicking on the provided under Google Analytics > Site Analytics then enter in “input access code” field (see screenshot below)



Industry-Leading Support

Tired of robotic phone menus, long wait times on the phone, and getting connected with non-helpful support? We’ve implemented a live chat feature for all of our users which will connect you to one of our Support Heroes.

If all agents are busy, you can submit a support ticket- and we’ll respond as fast as we can. Either way, less time on hold means more time to get back to running your restaurant.